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Describe yourself in a few words.
“whitty”, “quick”, “cute”.

What kind of men would get your attention?
I like mature men who can always take care of me and teach me about the world.

What’s best advice for students who want to learn Chinese?
Watch a lot of Chinese soap operas! One of my students really advanced in learning Chinese when I got him hooked on a Chinese soap opera!

What other job experiences do you have?
I used to be a nutritionist at a restaurant and then I met a customer who wanted to learn Chinese and got into the whole teaching.

What are your hobbies/ interests?
I love watching extreme sports, and one day wish to go bungee jumping.

What Chinese dish would you recommend a foreigner to try?
I think a lot of foreigners have tried already but bubble tea!

How would you compare Chinese women to other nationalities?
We are more kind to men but at the same time, we express our thoughts to get what we want!


  1. Reezle on said:

    丽丽, 我在北京学习汉语。你可不可以帮忙我呀?我在找个好肥皂剧。 你知道一个有意思的吗? 我只学习两个多月中文。。所以,我不想看看难话(想更容易的)的肥皂剧。 麻烦你了!

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