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What are your hobbies/interests?
I like reading and traveling , I think they can both help me broaden my vision. I also like cooking Chinese food and watching movies especially American and European movies.

Why do you like teaching Mandarin?
During my college time, my major is Chinese language & literature which gives me a good understanding of Chinese culture and I’d like share it with more foreign friends, also think teaching mandrin is good way to get to know more foreign friends.

What is your secret in teaching Mandarin?
Chinese is a beautiful language and actually, it’s not as tough as most people think, so If you want to learn it, just stick with me and I will show you the way

What kind of thing do you look in men?
I think a good man must be a mature, dynamic and honest person with rich sense of responsibility that he can be responsible for his family and the one he loves.

What Chinese dish would you recommend to your students?
Chinese barbecue is very different from other country’s, if you come to China I recommend you that you can invite some of your friends to go to Qingdao . Qingdao is a seaside city famous for its beer, so you can enjoy the seaside scenery while drinking beers and eating barbecue.


  1. Reezle on said:

    下个学区, 我想去青岛路行(我的电脑不会写“luxing”-_-),如果我去。。。你能不能给我介绍啊!? 然后我请你吃烤肉! 不开玩笑呢

      Carrie on said:

      I’d love to ! If I ‘m there when you travel to Qingdao.
      You can type “v” instead of” ǚ “,
      for example,if you want to get ”旅行“ just type “lv xing”!

      PS:You can have free Chinese lessons with me now.

      • Reezle on said:

        有没有微信啊? 我试了试, 可是, I got this pop up: “You don’t have enough credits to schedule a class!”

        Carrie on said:

        Just credit your account with 1lesson.
        You can book a lesson now!

  2. Ken on said:


    I think your lessons are fantastic. I’ve only just started looking into learning Mandarin, as I would live to visit China one day soon and make friends with the locals! I am hooked with these lessons.
    If I knew enough mandarin I think it would be excellent to get involved with company somehow, but first I must learn!

    Chinese BBQ sounds interesting! What meats do you use!?

      Carrie on said:

      Thank you , 我最近很好.

      I hope you can join our virtual classroom and keep learning Chinese with us ! I’d like to help you with your Chinese.

      Chinese BBQ has all kinds of meat, beef and mutton are the most common ones. We will also use fish,seafood and pork…I bet you will enjoy that.

      • Ken on said:

        Thank you!
        It would be great of you to help me learn! =D

        Ooh, Chinese BBQ sounds VERY nice!
        I look forward to immersing myself in your culture and trying it one day!

        Carrie on said:

        You will, Chinese people are very friendly and they are always willing to be your friends.

        I’ve set a free lesson to you , you can schedule an online lesson if you like

    Christopher on said:

    你好Carrie我想要告訴你我覺得·你好棒哦!哈哈哈聽說你真的好正的老師。 可是。。。你教書的時候,用容易德國語嗎?我看不懂。。好可憐

    Carrie on said:

    我不懂德語怎麼辦,好可憐。。哈哈,Can we use English to have the lesson? I will see you in the Virtual Classroom.

      Christopher on said:

      哈哈哈我打錯了我的意思是。。你教書的時候你要用简的字或是繁的字? 沒有關係我剛剛去上課了, 好好玩!謝謝老師!

  5. Angelos
    Angelos on said:

    Hello, Carrie,

    I really enjoyed the private lesson. I feel very comfortable talking Chinese to you. I am sure my Chinese will improve seizably. At the moment all your group lessons are between 2am and 4am in my timezone. Do you think it would be possible to have a few group lessons at, let’s say 7am in my timezone or later?

      Carrie on said:

      Hi Angelos,

      Thank you, it’s nice talking to you,too and I really hope we can have more lessons together.

      For now, our group lessons are scheduled based on the US time zone.
      Thank you for your reminding, we definitely need to set some group lessons according to European time zone. Let’s say 5 pm, Hong Kong time, which is 10:00 am your time.
      Is that OK with you?

      Let me know if you have more requests and look forward to seeing you in our next lesson!

      • Angelos
        Angelos on said:

        Dear Carrie,

        that’s excellent for me, thank you! Just so you know, If it is more convenient for you, I can be there earlier.

        Looking forward,

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