I am using Google Chrome. I’m unable to share screen and audio/video quality is poor in my Virtual Classroom. How can I fix this?

Students who are running virtual classroom on Chrome browser version 21 or above, may experience delay in audio and video streaming even with sufficient internet bandwidth. You can use one of the following fixes:

  • Use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers, instead of the version 21 of the Google Chrome browser.
  • Disable the default Flash Pepper (PPAPI) plugin in Chrome 21:
    1. Type chrome://plugins in the browser tab.
    2. Click + to expand Details in the upper-right area of the screen.
    3. Locate the Shockwave Flash plugin in the list.
    4. Ensure that Shockwave Flash plugin of Type: PAPI, is in the list and it is enabled.*
    5. Now locate the Shockwave Flash plugin of the Type: PPAPI (out-of-process).
    6. Click Disable for the PPAPI Flash plugin.
    7. Re-launch the browser.

* If you do not have Shockwave Flash, then download latest Flash Player from Abobe.